My fear

I have a goal. I am almost ashamed to share it, but I will anyways. My goal is (articulating it in the perfect manifesting way 😀 )” I Janin am so overwhelmed with joy, because on the 1st of June I get a 3000Euro transfer to my account earned with my work with ‘Wildfang-Treff. This amount will be continued to be transferred monthly.”

‘Wildfang-Treff’ is a social media platform for horselovers. I am creating it right now.  I would never share this goal with anybody I know personally. When I think about it is a bit sad, but I am not ready for their judgement. I have the big fear of not being able to make it happen and I do not need their concerns on top of it. When I started getting into the whole: I am the creator of my own life-world, I tried to manifest and attract success and wealth. Well, here I am living over ‘workaway’ (If you do not know this opportunity: CHECK IT OUT!  at somebody else’s place. I guess the success and money did not come as planned. Just as my boyfriend always told me it wouldn’t. The difference is this time I am actively working for my goal every day in small steps. Sometimes I don’t know which step I should take, but try to take one anyways. But what is missing, is the full believe that it is going to work. The fear, negative thoughts and negative opinions are very loud in my head. “This goal is not realistic. How do I dare to think that is going to work for me if almost nobody I know earns this much? How do I think I will be able to earn this much on the first day of a Start-up company? “

My boyfriend said to me more than one time: “C’mon baby stay realistic”. The problem with that is that it put me back into the mindset of: The options my environment gives me, are all the options existing. But that is where I want to start to think different again. My environment is only a reflection on my inner believes. Just yesterday I watched a presentation about the reticular formation part of our brain and as I understood, it is the secretary of the information that gets through to us.  We only perceive 0,0001 % information from what is actually given by our environment. If my, in German RAS is trained by me and will always let through the information which confirms my believes, the 0,0001 % of reality I perceive is also created by me. Not reality itself, but the part I perceive. The way my RAS is trained determines if I only see the people who are smiling at me or the people who look unfriendly. If you think the world is a horrible place your RAS is ready to prove to you that it is. If you think people are wonderful it will only let ‘the calls’ through that confirm that believe.

The power of that little part of the brain is remarkable.
My boyfriend is my biggest teacher and the most wonderful man I have ever met, but he told me: be realistic one to many times. The way I at least perceived it, made me go into the mind set of: What are the available options? Instead of: How can I make my favorite option available?

This is where I am stuck now. I need to make my RAS believe that it is possible to earn money starting the first day of my Start-Up company. I need to make myself believe that I am possible to earn 3000Euro a month. How can I make this possible?

I come from a working class family – Enough to always satisfy our needs and also a couple luxury things, but not financially free. I would never ever complain, because I have the most amazing family and I am grateful for them every single day. But as wonderfully shown in the book: ‘Rich dad, poor dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki, people approach money and success differently. How am I supposed to do what nobody around me has ever done? Yes, maybe if I would have gotten a degree and a job, like everybody else I would have been able to earn it soon, but like this? No degree and a ‘Start Up’ company? No way, baby girl.

Well, fuck it! I am so done with that kind of thinking. I am ready to believe in myself. In the quality to always find solutions to challenges and to be able to ask the right questions. I am working hard, giving it all and also training my mind set.

This morning I watched video to get rid of my fear of not making the impossible possible. It was a video how people got rich and one of them made 50 Million on selling a pet stone. In the same video the story of the smiley face was portrayed. The designer of the yellow smiley face sold the icon for 45 Dollars. Later two brothers saw the potential and applied the trademark. 50 Million dollars in revenue was made from seeing the potential somebody else did not see and selling it well. (

So I thought – What if somebody takes the idea of my company, promotes it well and makes millions of it. I would not be upset, because somebody is making money of my idea, but because I didn’t believe in my own potential.

I know my idea is amazing. I believe in it to 100%. I want to believe that with my hard work and the right promotion (showing my idea to others and sharing it with others) it will be very successful.

What I have been taught about money and success is only the reality of the people who taught it to me. For so many successful people out there to make 3000Euro a month is costing them a minute, probably not even that. They transformed their mind. They see the opportunities nobody else sees. This is what I admire. Not the money or the success, but the mindset. I want to be a person with that exact mindset. I want to believe in my ideas and the potential to make a very very good living out of that.

The wonderful thing is: Yes, the money and the success can be taken away, but not the ability to create and believe in yourself. So guess what a person with that mindset will do in the second everything will be taken away? He will start, become better and make even more money. (Okay, maybe he will be mad, frustrated, angry for one minute.)

I want to train my RAS, my secretary so it lets the ‘phone calls’ with the right thoughts, opportunities, experiences through.  I will train it to believe with my amount of commitment, intelligence and work it will be possible to earn 3000Euro monthly starting on the 1st of June.

I want to free myself from believes which prevent me from succeeding and creating.


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